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Blog Module

Begin generating discussions on your site with individuals from around the world through your blog. For each topic/category, contributors of your blog can post to those topics. Commenting can be opened to only contributors, to any blog visitor, or through social media networks. Tags/keywords, powered by the CyberStudio Tags Module, help to link common posts and make searching through topics quick and easy. This module uses the CyberStudio End-User Module for the registration of login accounts for contributors of the blog.

CyberStudio serves as the administrative interface for the Blog Module to monitor and manage any content posted to the blog, including topics and tags. The interface contributors will use to post to your Blog will be professionally designed by Cyber View to match the design of your web site.

This module can also integrate with the CyberStudio Social Media Module to send out announcements about the events you post.

The breakdown...

  • Create an unlimited number of topics, posts, and comments
  • Generate discussions with registered contributors
  • Language filter to prevent inappropriate words in posts and comments
  • Rich text editing on the fly with a formatting toolbar
  • Manage topics, posts, and comments
  • Manage blog tags/keywords with the CyberStudio Tags Module
  • No word count limit for text of posts and comments